2023 Vertigo Titanium Nitro R 250cc Limited Edition Trials Bike

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Discover the exclusivity of the 2023 Vertigo Nitro Titanium R, a collector's masterpiece available at Road and Trials, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. This limited edition model features a Titanium frame with a machined shock absorber support, Titanium Raptor foot-rests, and a uniquely designed Titanium logo-engraved muffler. It boasts Factory Kashima Gold forks, a 3-way Reiger shock absorber, and a range of special components, including a machined clutch cover, Costa Parts crankcase protector, and red silicone cooling hoses. With its distinctive features and a special edition plate, this is a bike that truly stands out. The lucky owners of the 2023 Nitro Titanium R will receive a Vertigo mat to keep the bike in the garage as a model with such unique features deserves.

Key Features:

  • Titanium Frame: Crafted from lightweight and durable titanium, with a machined shock absorber support also in titanium.
  • Unique Titanium Components: Featuring Raptor foot-rests and a muffler with a stylish engraved Titanium logo.
  • Exceptional Suspension: Factory Kashima Gold forks paired with a 3-way Reiger shock absorber for outstanding riding dynamics.
  • Premium Components: Includes a detachable machined clutch cover, a machined brake pedal tip, a Costa Parts crankcase protector, and carbon protectors for the clutch and flywheel covers.
  • Cooling Perfection: Red silicone cooling hoses to ensure optimal engine temperature regulation.
  • Customization: Anodized red lever adjusters for personal preferences.
  • Limited Edition: Comes with a Special Edition plate marking its exclusivity at 1/40.
  • Handlebar Excellence: Equipped with a Renthal Fatbar handlebar for superior handling.
  • Additional Accessories: Features a rear fender interior vinyl and a Vertigo mat, the perfect showcase for your unique piece.


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