Approved Used 2018 Sherco ST 250cc Trials Bike

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Approved Used 2018 Sherco ST 250cc Trials Bike - Precision Crafted for the Trails

Take your trials performance to the next level with this expertly maintained 2018 Sherco ST 250. Dressed in a striking blue, this trials bike is perfect for riders who demand agility and reliability on technical terrains.

Expertly Prepared & Road-Ready:

  • Road Registration: Fully road-registered with the V5 documentation, ready for both commuting and competition.
  • Factory-Fitted Workshop Preparation: Currently being prepared in our factory-fitted workshop, ensuring it meets our standards for quality and performance.

Performance Features:

  • Condition: The bike is in good overall condition, maintained to perform under demanding conditions with consistent reliability and responsiveness.
  • Tailored for Trials: Known for its precise handling and control, the Sherco ST 250 offers the ideal balance of power and manoeuvrability for both seasoned riders and those new to the sport.

Coming Soon:

  • Detailed Update: We will soon share more comprehensive information on the enhancements and specifics of this bike, providing everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

Priced competitively at £2995, this Sherco ST 250 is an exceptional value for anyone looking to advance in trials riding. Visit us to discover why this bike is a wise choice for tackling the trials course.

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