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2024 Sherco Trials bikes

2023 Sherco ST Racing 250cc Trials Bike - Road and Trials

2024 Sherco ST-F Factory 125cc Trials Bike

2024 Sherco ST-F Factory 125cc Trials Bike


2024 Sherco ST-F Factory 250cc Trials Bike

2024 Sherco ST-F Factory 250cc Trials Bike


2024 Sherco ST-F Factory 300cc Trials Bike

2024 Sherco ST-F Factory 300cc Trials Bike



2024 Vertigo Nitro DL RS


Introducing the Limited Edition 2024 Vertigo Nitro DL RS 250cc Trials Bike. The all-new Vertigo Nitro Dougie Lampkin RS is set to redefine trials, meticulously crafted for the challenging UK conditions.

Designed in collaboration with the entire Vertigo technical team, the Nitro RS series has evolved through the invaluable feedback and racing expertise of our elite riders. Notable successes in prestigious competitions such as the Spanish championship, TrialGP World Championship, and X-Trial World Championship, along with victories at Scottish Six Days Trial and Scott Trial, underscore the exceptional performance of these state-of-the-art models.

The Vertigo Nitro DL RS sets new standards by going beyond expectations, solidifying its place as the benchmark for trial bikes.

Key Features:
  • Machined 6082 Aluminium Rear Subframe: The DL RS boasts a lighter and more efficient rear subframe, specifically designed for the trial terrain. This adaptation enhances strength and durability, ensuring peak performance in challenging conditions.
  • Flywheel Weight for Enhanced Inertia (250cc and 300cc models only): A flywheel weight has been added to the DL RS for greater inertia and improved feel, contributing to an already remarkable RS engine.
  • Slow Action Throttle Body and DL Maps: Equipped with a slow action throttle body and DL maps, the DL RS offers precise control, allowing riders to navigate diverse terrains with ease.
  • Revolutionary Rear Suspension: The standout feature of the Nitro DL RS is its two-way Reiger shock absorber with a Vertigo-designed linkage system. Proven to deliver superior performance, this system, instrumental in last season's successes, is now integrated into the production series for an unparalleled riding experience.
  • Precision-Machined Components: The chassis features machined aluminium brake calipers, footpegs, and a 6mm sump guard. Anodized red rims and silver-machined hubs add a touch of sophistication to the overall design.
  • Exquisite Snakeskin Style Trim: The snakeskin designed trim not only imparts a racing aesthetic but also provides protection to the swingarm, fork, and subframe against scratches and bumps, ensuring durability without compromising style.
  • Limited Edition for the UK Market: The Vertigo Nitro DL RS is offered in a very limited edition, tailored specifically for the discerning UK market and its unique riding conditions.
Choose from the 125cc, 225cc, 250cc, and 300cc to experience the pinnacle of trials riding. Don't miss the opportunity to own a piece of cutting-edge engineering designed for excellence in every ride. Available now at Road and Trials, Barnsley.

    Engine: 2-Stroke Engine

    Engine Size: 250cc EFI

    Stroke: 72.5x60mm

    Crankcase: Aluminium

    Gearbox: 6-speed gearbox, 4 of which are developed exclusively for trial

    Clutch: 10z/42

    Chain: Regina 103

    Exhaust Muffler: Vertigo Nitro side silencer. Easily replaceable fibres.

    Exhaust Manifold: Vertigo Nitro Stainless steel

    Crankshaft: Vertigo design in case-hardened steel

    Radiator: Special Vertigo design adapted to the chassis shape

    Fuel Injection: Electronic injection ST Powered

    Engine Sensors:

    - Integrated injection and spark drivers

    - CAN 2.0B protocol

    - Atmospheric pressure and air temperature sensor

    - TPS (Throttle position sensor)

    - Inductive crank sensor

    Intake Body: Progressive (black) intake body 125

    Water Pump: Controlled by control unito add supplementary information to help your buyers.

    Frame: Nitro multitubular 25CrMo4 steel chassis + natural anodized 6082 aluminium subframe

    Rear Subframe: New lightweight aluminium rear subframe

    Swingarm: New black reinforced aluminium swingarm

    Front Suspension: Official Tech Factory, 170mm stroke

    Rear Suspension: Monoshock, Vertigo new link design. Adaptive. Tested and approved by 2022 TrialGP World Championship Runner-up. Swingarm combined with REIGER 2-way monoshock with compression, rebound, and spring preload adjustment. 170mm stroke

    Airbox: 4-inlet Nitro airbox revamped for improved high-rev performance

    Fuel Tank: New high capacity 2.3L and repositioned fuel tank

    Handlebar: Black Renthal Fatbar. New protector

    Front Brake: Hydraulic Braktec system with 185mm disc

    Front Caliper: 4 pistons

    Front Rim: Morad Red anodized 1.60 x 21″ rims with silver anodized  hub Vertigo design 

    Rear Brake: Hydraulic Braktec system with 150mm disc FIM Homologated

    Rear Caliper: 2 pistons

    Rear Rim: Morad Red anodized 2.15×18″ rims with silver anodized  bushing  DLR Vertigo design

    Tires: Dunlop D803GP

    Total Length: 2010mm

    Distance Between Axles: 1310mm

    Seat Height: 680mm

    Specific Components:

    Flywheel weight

    Red silicone cooling hose

    Vertigo Lever Adjustment Kit Red

    Red anodized machined brake and clutch pump covers 

    Machined and anodized brake toe cap in Black

    High quality blister, special design Nitro RS DLR 2024

    Crank case protector 6mm 7075 T6

    Weight: 68kg


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