2024 Vertigo Nitro Works 280cc Trials Bike

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The new 2024 Vertigo Nitro 280cc Trials Bike. A masterpiece of evolution in the world of trials bikes. Each model in the Nitro Works range, including the 125cc, 225cc, 250cc, 280cc, and 300cc variants, is finely tuned to offer riders an exceptional experience.

Engine Performance: The heart of these bikes has seen significant advancements. With extensive input from racing experience, we've tailored new power maps for each Nitro 2024 model. These maps adapt the bikes to your riding needs, delivering exceptional control over power and performance.

Throttle Response: Our commitment to delivering the best for riders is evident in our new injection body calibration. Present across the Works 2024 range, it guarantees instant throttle response and the power you need to conquer any challenge. Enhanced power unit layout further optimizes cooling and performance, ensuring top-notch operation in all conditions.

Chassis Design: In the spirit of evolution, the Nitro boasts a lighter and more efficient machined 6082 aluminum rear subframe. This adaptation makes these bikes tougher and more durable, perfectly suited to the trials terrain.

Enhanced Protection: We've added a robust 6mm shield in 7075-T6 aluminum as a new crankcase protector. It ensures that your engine remains safeguarded from impacts, maintaining peak performance.

Distinctive Style: The 2024 Vertigo Nitro Works models retain their iconic deep green color and unique decorations. 'Snakeskin' stickers add protection and high resistance to key components, such as the headlight, mudguards, frame, filter cover, front suspension tubes, and swingarm.

These improvements, rigorously tested in competition, represent the pinnacle of Vertigo's evolution in 2024.

Riders, whether visiting our showroom in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, or exploring online, will discover a wealth of enhancements in these cutting-edge trials bikes.

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Tech specs

Engine: 2-stroke engine

Engine Size: 280cc EFI

Ø X Stroke: 76x60mm

Crankcase: Aluminum

Gearbox: 6-speed gearbox, 4 gears designed for trials

Clutch: Multi-disc in oil with preload and size springs designed for a smoother and more efficient shift. Removable clutch cover.

Transmission: 10z/42

Exhaust Muffler: All new silencer: Improved suspension travel, reduced engine braking, reduced heat transfer to components, interchangeable fibers.

Exhaust Manifold: Vertigo special design in stainless steel

Inlet Manifold: Racing geometry throttle body (red) design in stainless steel

Radiator: Vertigo design adapted to frame shape

Fuel Injection: Electronic fuel injection

Engine Sensors: Integrated injection driver. Protocolo CAN 2.0 B. Atmospheric pressure & Air temperature sensor. TPS (Throttle position sensor).

Water Pump: Brushless, self-purging water pump

Frame: NITRO multitubular green frame 25CrMo4 steel

Subframe: Lightened 6082 aluminum subframe

Swingarm: Black aluminum cast

Front Suspension: Tech Factory 170mm stroke

Rear Suspension: Monoshock/swingarm, Vertigo design. Swingarm combined with REIGER 2-way monoshock with compression, rebound, and spring preload adjustment. 170mm stroke.

Airbox: Design providing enhanced performance

Fuel Tank: New high capacity 2.3l and repositioned fuel tank, low and centered CG

Handlebar: Renthal Fatbar + green Renthal handlebar protector

Front Brake: Hydraulic Braktec system with 185mm disc

Front Caliper: 4 pistons

Front Rim: Morad Black 1.60 x 21″ with Vertigo design with silver aluminum hubs

Rear Brake: New Hydraulic system with 150mm FIM disc

Rear Caliper: 2 pistons

Rear Rim: Morad lightweight Black anodized 2.15×18″ with silver aluminum hubs

Tires: Dunlop D803GP

Total Length: 2010mm

Distance Between Axis: 1310mm

Seat Height: 680mm

Weight: 68kg