Ex Demo 2023 Sherco ST-R 2T 300cc Trials Bike

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Make a fantastic saving on our ex-demo 2023 Sherco ST-R300, previously used by YouTube sensation Danny Butler from Trials Tube. With just 45km on the clock, this bike is practically new, and if it's good enough for Danny, it's good enough for everyone else!

Key Features:

  • Compact Throttle Body: New specific throttle body with triple sensors for optimal performance and reduced fuel consumption.
  • Integrated Controls: Map switch and front/rear switch grouped behind the headlight shell.
  • Braking Excellence: Braketec braking system for superior stopping power.
  • Advanced Geometry: New geometry for a lower center of gravity, increased ease in turns, and improved rigidity.
  • Increased Fuel Capacity: Standard 2.2l fuel capacity with options for larger tanks.
  • Enhanced Cooling: 58% more radiator cores for improved cooling and quick removal grill.
  • Silencer Upgrade: 35% larger internal volume for added strength, torque, and durability.
  • Air Filter Improvements: 7% larger air filter box and 11% more surface area for increased power.
  • Micro-Fusion Footrests: Improved stability, increased grip, and better mud evacuation.
  • Modern Design: New modernized front headlight shell design with LED lights.
  • Lighter Engine: 28% reduction in engine weight, providing better performance.
  • Advanced Gearbox: Most compact and lightest 5-speed gearbox on the market.
  • Diaphragm Clutch System: 3 positions for clutch modulation and improved comfort.
  • Optimized Cooling: Inverted water pump position to prevent contact between coolant and magnesium case.
  • Improved Cylinder: New foundry cylinder design with improved thermodynamics and enhanced cooling.

Don't miss the opportunity to own this advanced and practically new 2023 Sherco ST-R 2T 300cc Trials Bike at Road and Trials, Barnsley. Low deposit finance options also available.

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